Merge Fever: My First Time in Wildness

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During the past week the Godot Engine community was invited to go wild by joining the Godot Wild Jam #13, a game jam that happens quite consistently every month and focus on testing nightly builds of Godot Engine for the sake of bug reporting and general improvements.

I decided to join the jam with quite a late entry, the jam has a whole week duration but I only joined it at Saturday, an absolute mad lad. 😎👌

So with less than 36h left for my entry I decided to play safe with a game that wouldn't require a lot to start playing with it, but at the same time could be polished enough to be fun to play.

Since the jam's theme was "merge" I couldn't resist the impulse of making a git simulator. I streamed all the progress I made during Saturday:

During Sunday I focused on improving the overall game feel by juicing it, adding the screen flow (splash, play and end screens) and polishing some mechanics and interactions. I didn't streamed tho, because here where I live was goddam hot 🔥🔥 and I didn't manage to live wearing a shirt, and honestly I wouldn't stream shirtless.

At the end I was quite happy with the game, I just wished I had time to make proper music and sound effects, the current ones were taken from another games of mine.

I had to use Godot 3.1 to actually export it for HTML, seems like the current nightly builds are quite broken in that sense, but apart from that everything was made using a nightly build from Calinou. You can play it directly on your browser with the link below:

Play Merge Fever on your Browser!

You can see that the game uses an aesthetic quite similar to Juan's Saga, right? This is because they are part of the same universe. People think Marvel Cinematic Universe has cool crossovers, wait'll they see Pigdev Shared Universe. 😂

The idea is that Merge Fever is what happens when Juan goes to the computer to create new features for his projects, so Merge Fever could even be a mini game in Juan Saga.

That's it, PLAY THE GAME! And also, please don't forget to rate the game and leave all the honest feedback you can! By the way if you are playing it during the Wild Jam 13's rating period, please don't forget to rate it there as well!

That's it, thanks for reading, keep developing and until the next time!👍🐷

This article was updated on September 23, 2019

Henrique Campos

Henrique Campos

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