Moon Cheeser v2.1.0 - Blue Moon update

Directly from the deep space come forth the Moon's nemesis to haunt your dreams -- the Blue Moon, also known as the Betrayer Moon. It betrays your usual perception that we would only get one Full Moon per month.

Right on Halloween a new celestial body, a new place to explore. And a new flavor to taste as the Blue Moon is made of blue cheese, Gorgonzola cheese to be more precise!

To celebrate this year's Betrayer Moon shining on Halloween, I want to make a massive update on Moon Cheeser, known as

🌕The Blue Moon update 🌕

Check out the Blue Moon funding sales page and know the full background story and all the campaign details:

Moon Cheeser Blue Moon funding sale.

This article was updated on November 2, 2020

Henrique Campos

Henrique Campos

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